Join the family-Talent Opportunities


Let's take over social media together!

Join us by adding #dreamsmatter #lovespringtime to your twitter post, instagram photos or even the bathroom wall of the nearest taco bell!


Whenever you wear or carry SPRING TIME, you are joining us in our movement of change.


Let’s share and remind the world of a message that we often forgot: You are valued, you are loved, you are worth fighting for. 


We believe that sharing your story/dream would bring light to someone’s life.

At times, we might be facing lonely struggle. In our dreamers community, let’s be part of each other’s light.

Email us at to share your story - it can change a life.


Every academic year we put together a team of University students from around the world to be face and voice of SPRING TIME for their Campuses. We know that you can inspire your community at school and we know that you have amazing skills that can be used to reach people and to spread the love to them. 

As a Campus Rep , you will have the opportunity to plan events/pop-ups shops, promote via social media and spread the word about SPRING TIME on your campus using a personalized coupon ( you get perks too !). It will be fun!

If you are interested in being a campus rep for SPRING TIME , e-mail our team at with the subject "Campus Rep "


We are interested for opportunities to share the story of SPRING TIME or to speak regarding issues that are concerning for us, such as eating disorder, self-image, self-worth, anxiety , depression, etc.

Currently Sally Tong, - SPRING TIME Founder - is the only speaker available for booking. Please be patient with us on response time and availability, we look forward to partner with you and your event soon.

Contact us at for more information 


If you live in HONG KONG.


We want YOU to join us now in our team! We are looking for volunteers to join us to inspire the community at events.


We are looking for people to build our team with these qualities: love on people well and tell them about SPRING TIME, enjoy the fun and challenge of selling product at pop-up shops, interest in modelling our new products!


When the time comes and we need a volunteer, you will be the first one we would reach out to! If you are interested, please send us an e-mail with your name, phone number, age, and current state of residence to